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What is the Titanic Museum Attraction?

It is a celebration of the 2,208 passengers and crew who were aboard the Titanic. You'll receive a boarding pass with a true Titanic passenger name. As you travel throughout the 20 galleries you'll begin to feel and understand that passenger & their story.

Do you allow photos within the museum?

No. Due to copyright laws, no photographs or video are allowed inside the museum. However, there are many great photo opportunities outside the ship.

Are their interactive displays for my children?

Yes, the interactive areas of Titanic Pigeon Forge provide many hands-on experiences that are designed to give children and adults alike a sense of what it might have been like to actually be on board the Titanic. Families will be able to learn how to send a wireless SOS signal and see how difficult communication was in 1912; they’ll feel what it was like to stand in the icy night air while touching a soaring wall of ice that simulates the iceberg that sliced through the ship. Guests will be able to experience water chilled to 28 degrees which delivers a stark reminder of what two-thirds of the Titanic’s passengers and crew had to endure.

Does the Titanic Museum Attraction have a mission statement?

Both Titanic Pigeon Forge and Titanic Branson Museum Attractions share the same mission statement: To serve as a historical, humanitarian and educational facility that pays tribute to the memory of all those who sailed on Titanic.

I've seen other Titanic traveling exhibits and wondered why I should visit this Titanic Museum?

Titanic Pigeon Forge and Titanic Branson are unlike anything you’ve seen before. They’re permanent, Titanic-size museum attractions that are unequalled in the world. From the moment you board the ship you’ll begin to see, experience and feel the difference. Costumed crew members will introduce you to some of the 2,208 passengers and crew that were on board the ship and you’ll have an opportunity to pay your respect to all them before you leave.

I understand the museum has re-created Titanic's Grand Staircase and visitors can actually walk them?

Yes. The section of the First Class staircase between A-Deck and B-Deck has been re-created using original plans from Harland and Wolff, the Titanic builders. It is centered under a wrought iron and glass dome that duplicates what was installed on Titanic. Additionally, there is an accurate re-creation of both a First Class suite and Third Class cabin.

What time does the Titanic Museum Attraction open?

Seven Days a week at 9am except for the flowwoling dates:

  • Christmas Day we are closed. Day after Christmas open at 10am.
  • January 2015 - Pigeon Forge location closed January 13-16. During the January closed dates we do a 'deep' cleaning and painting. Plus installing new galleries.

How long is the tour?

This is a self-guided tour and will take almost two hours.

What is the audio tour?

This enhances your experience. It is an audio player you hold like a telephone. We offer two versions - An adult and a youth version.

What new galleries will the museum introduce in 2014?

1. Titanic Pigeon Forge is paying tribute to Margaret "Unsinkable Molly" Brown with an entire gallery dedicated to her legacy.

2. See the Only Bible saved from Titanic now on display at Titanic Pigeon Forge. It was a bible owned by a Knoxville, Tn. resident.

Titanic Branson
Ticket Information: Toll Free: 800/381-7670 • 417/334-9500
Located in the heart of Branson, 3235 76 Country Blvd & Hwy 165
Titanic Pigeon Forge
Ticket Information: Toll Free: 800/381-7670 • 417/334-9500
2134 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863